FastKeys for Windows

All in One Windows Automation software.

All in One Windows Automation software.

All in One Windows Automation software. Fully configurable Start menu, Shortcuts and Text Expander. User-defined Commands to run files, open webpages, send macros or automate anything. Incredibly powerful but yet simple to use. Build your own fully configurable Start Menu - Launcher to start any activity on computer. Simply touch the screen edge to call the menu. It is always there and is fully adaptable to your needs. Great for Windows 8.

Hundreds ready-to-use presets, including:
Audio - Control volume with a mouse wheel, switch audio device, mute, control audio or video players, search and play songs... Windows - Double Esc to close, minimize, maximize, make always on top, Alt-drag, auto resize, zoom, make transparent.... Search - Fast Google and Wikipedia search, translate webpages... Email Automation - Auto send email, auto replies, context aware response, auto signature... General - Swap or disable keys, change system shortcuts, run user commands... Send text - Write text and keystrokes with time and date variables, create user macro commands... Games - Auto clicker, rapid fire, auto shooter, jump, crouch, improve accuracy in 3rd person shooters, auto fire on pixel etc.

Great productivity tool - automate anything on your computer. You can simply create your own shortcuts or commands. Fastkeys supports user commands and scripts based on powerful Autohotkey scripting language.

Anyone who wants to save time and increase productivity when performing daily computer tasks.

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FastKeys 1.04

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